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Rich Santa


We’ve encountered external uncertainty and confusion involving the pandemic and Presidential election for more than a year. However, NATCA has remained strong to protect the safety and health of our members and our rights. We had hundreds of NATCAvists across the country working to protect our members to ensure that our voices were heard. Now is the time when every three years, we elect leaders of NATCA to continue building our great Union by pushing forward.

The nomination period for the National Officers election closed yesterday, and I am proud and excited to share that I have been elected as NATCA President by acclamation. I look forward to serving alongside Andrew LeBovidge, as Executive Vice President. Congratulations are also in order for the RVPs who have been re-elected by acclamation. I’ve had the pleasure to serve on the National Executive Board for the last three years and I’m honored to have the privilege to set our sights on the future of NATCA together.

It is an honor to have so much support for this team effort for NATCA. I want to thank every member who has supported me throughout my career and has helped me to make it to this moment. A Union is not focused on an individual; instead, it is a collection of people who are unified and moving in the same direction. A successful Union takes each one of us working together for the good of our brothers and sisters, and our profession.

Soon, I will begin transitioning into the role of President. In the coming weeks, expect to see invitations for regional telcons to discuss our goals and ideas for the future of NATCA. I want and need to hear from you; your thoughts and questions are essential to ensuring that NATCA represents every one of us. You can also expect to start seeing me at facility visits once travel restrictions ease.

Two of our Union’s greatest strengths over the past decade are Paul Rinaldi and Trish Gilbert’s leadership and vision. NATCA would not be the shining star of labor that it is today without these two powerhouses. The years of experience and the relationships with Congress and industry leaders are valuable, lasting resources as we move forward.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement and for electing me as the next NATCA President. I look forward to the next three years and to continuing our tradition of excellence.

A Career of Serving NATCA Members

About Rich

Rich Santa is currently the NATCA Eastern Regional Vice President (RVP) and has been serving in this role since September 2018 after being elected by acclamation. Rich has been representing NATCA members in both elected and appointed roles for over two decades…

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